We are The Empowerment Network UK.

We are the national charity supporting third parties of domestic abuse.


Are you feeling impacted by seeing someone you care about suffer?

Do you want to help them but don't know how, or feel you can't?

Do you need support too?


Witnesses to domestic abuse, or third parties such as family members, friends, and work colleagues, often feel scared, helpless and alone. They feel terrified that someone they know could be in danger, or frustrated, but don’t know how to help. Over time, this fear inflicts its own damage.


We're here to stop this from happening. At The Empowerment Network UK, we believe third parties can help - a lot whilst protecting themselves from physical and mental harm. With our services, the people on the fringes of abusive relationships can learn how to look after themselves and victims effectively.


Together, we all have the ability to stop abuse. Let’s start today.



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TENUK Telephone Information Line

Call our national telephone information line is open 10-3 Friday to Monday on 0117 230 3 555. Give us a call to tell us who you are concerned about, the impact it's having on you, and let us figure out how we can help and support you.


Call 0117 230 3 555

TENUK Webinar Series: Education & Support

We run 90 minute online webinar sessions for both improving awareness and understanding, and for improving the wellbeing of our benefactors. Follow the link below to book online. You can join via telephone or online from anywhere within the UK and you will remain completely anonymous throughout the sessions. 


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TENUK Answers: Knowledge Empowers

If you want to find answers quickly, take a look at our online guides. They're free, easy to read and help you with important questions, like whether someone you know could be showing signs of abuse. You can also connect with our blog via the tab at the top of the page.


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