Project Chocolate

We are The Empowerment Network UK.

We are the national charity supporting third parties of domestic abuse.


Welcome to Project Chocolate!


This project is one of the entrepreneurial ways in which our charity raises funds so that we are able to run our organisation, and pay for the technology to deliver our services to all the people that need our help.

We do not get any help from the government, and because we are so young, there aren't many large funders that will consider supporting us either. Luckily, our CEO, Board of Trustees, and volunteers are all super-smart and between them, get up to all sorts of things to overcome funding barriers.

Project Chocolate is, as with the rest of TENUK, an 100% volunteer-lead initiative and we have a small team of dedicated chocolatiers hand-making truffles in Bristol, England, where the project was started by our CEO in December 2016.

We are quite experimental with flavours and run batches as makes sense for our order book (until we can organically save-up or secure investment to be able to upscale and take over the world! - we hope you'll get involved with our crowdfunding campaign in 2017... let us know by email!).

We are always experimenting and creating more flavours, some unique, some more streamline; whatever we're making, it's always dairy free, vegan and gluten free so lots of people can experience the deliciousness!


Our £5 luxury 5-truffle boxes* are currently available in the following flavours:


- Luxury Dark Chocolate Truffles Infused With Somerset Cider Brandy

- Delicious Chocolate Truffles Infused With Maple Syrup & Orange

- Dark Chocolate Truffles Infused with Coffeetasticness


If you'd like to order more, order for the first time, or stock our tasty morsels of awesomeness, please email us on projectchocolate@tenuk.org.uk immediately (before we eat them all ourselves!).

If you'd like to stock our tasty morsels of awesomeness, please email us on projectchocolate@tenuk.org.uk and we can have a chat to see if our values of wellbeing and world-domination align. 


*Please note that we can make larger boxes and mixed boxes to order.


If you don't love delicious chocolates (?!) but would like to support our cause because you think it's important and/ or super-brilliant, please do so by clicking the link below, thank you! :)