Volunteering at The Empowerment Network UK


Would you like to help people? Is the cause of domestic abuse important to you? Do you have some spare time to volunteer for us from the comfort of your home? Want to learn new skills?


If you answered yes to any of those questions then we would really appreciate you giving your time and talents to help us with our mission of empowering bystanders of domestic abuse to step-in and take action, then we would really like you to get involved. Please visit the Do It website, where we advertise all of our volunteering opportunities.


Our charity is 100% volunteer-led, from the CEO and Trustees to the individuals delivering our services to the friends and families affected by domestic abuse. We therefore really appreciate the support that volunteers provide.


We really invest in our volunteers, as we have a Volunteer Policy and provide regular Personal Development meetings to every volunteer to increase their work-based skills.


If you feel that you have unique skills to bring to the organisation, that is outside of the roles promoted on Do It, then please get in touch on our Contact Form and we can discuss how you can get involved.


If you have experienced and/or witnessed domestic abuse, and would like to help others going through similar experiences, then we kindly ask that you have sought enough help for yourself before you start volunteering for us. This is for your own mental wellbeing and so we recommend a three-year gap before you invest your time, energy and lived-experience to help others by becoming a volunteer for us.


The Empowerment Network UK

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If you have any questions about The Empowerment Network UK, or would like to talk to someone about domestic abuse, we have a team of experts who can help.

The Empowerment Network UK is a registered charity in England and Wales (no 1158912).