Have you ever worried that someone is being abused by their partner?


If you have, you'll know how it feels.


Founded in 2015, The Empowerment Network UK has made it its mission to support the other people involved in domestic abuse. We're here for the worried parents, concerned friends and anxious neighbours. We're here for police officers, IDVAs, therapists, and caregivers. If you're trying to help a victim of abuse, we want to help you.



Why help witnesses, or third parties, to domestic abuse?


Many people who have witnessed abuse feel powerless. They don't know how to help, or even if they can help at all. It's an awful feeling.


We believe that third parties to domestic abuse do have a powerful role to play.


Currently, many cases of abuse are not reported. The 'wall of silence' surrounding domestic abuse makes it difficult to spot. Third parties, on the other hand, often see what is happening behind closed doors. They have a chance to help where others don't. By making sure third parties feel safe, supported and empowered to act, we not only stop domestic abuse from affecting their wellbeing too, but we also help ordinary people stop abuse. We have worked alongside a film-maker to produce a film about third parties and domestic abuse. Please click here to watch the film.




who we are


A brief introduction to the wonderful leadership team (who are all volunteers) at The Empowerment Network UK:


Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Mike has a wealth of experience in the charity sector and has been a volunteer for The Empowerment Network UK since Spring 2016 and became the Chief Executive Officer in Spring 2018 (still on a voluntary basis). As a Prince2 Project Manager by trade, Mike will be leading the charity whilst studying for his Master's Degree in Business Administration.
The Chair of the Board of Trustees
Adam is an entrepreneur having built his career as a leader in digital and software businesses. As a successful tech entrepreneur with a background in software development and engineering, he is currently the Founder and CEO of Neetrix Ltd, a company providing effective business management systems for small or medium-sized businesses.
The Board of Trustees
Davinia is the founder and previous Chief Executive Officer of The Empowerment Network UK. Davinia has an education in science and engineering and an extensive business background as an entrepreneur and mentor to many start-ups. She loves Small and Medium Enterprises, is highly creative and founded The Empowerment Network UK in 2014, after realising the gap in services available to people affected by domestic abuse.
Kristin is hugely dynamic and brings a strong business, accounting and legal background with her to the organisation. Kristin has worked for KPMG and managed and lead on many projects during the course of her career to date. Kristin has been heavily involved in charity work for over a decade in both Asia and the UK.